KLA 2132

Equipment configuration:
The 2132 Wafer Inspection System is part of the KLA-Tencor Intelligent Line
Monitor solution which provides seamless defect detection, classification, and
analysis for rapid yield improvement at the lowest cost-of-ownership.
The 2132 is a fully automated system that utilizes KLA-Tencor’s high-speed
digital image processing technology in combination with brightfield optics. This
technology detects all types of yield-limiting defects on single-layer or multilayer integrated circuit wafers at all process steps, including thin films, photo, etch, and chemical mechanical polish (CMP). You can then review, sort and classify defects, under magnification, on a high resolution color monitor. Finally, you can have inspection results automatically transfered to a 2552 Analysis Station, or Quest, for further analysis.
The 2132 provides a variety of sensitivity settings and inspection modes for
image qualification, in-line defect monitoring, and engineering analysis. Defect
detection is accomplished using one of two techniques: die-to-die comparison or cell-to-cell comparison. In both comparison modes, you can select appropriate magnification levels to determine the sensitivity and corresponding speed for inspection of product wafers. Both patterned and unpatterned wafers can be inspected.
The 2132 system provides enhanced defect analysis and review efficiency by
including Clustering and Review Sampling as standard features. The clustering feature employs a proprietary algorithm to separate clustered defects from random defects so they can be trended and analyzed separately. Defect review efficiency is significantly improved by automatically generating a review sample from the cluster and random defect populations based on user-defined criteria.
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